Expert Precision Machining

As one of the leading providers of precision engineering work in the region for over 40 years, Erodatools Ltd have built a reputation for delivering the highest quality precision machining to a number of different sectors, such as the aerospace, marine and automotive, petro-chemicals and textiles, nuclear energy, surgery, rail and defence industries.

As a collective term for all engineering that requires the use of accurate design and machining, precision engineering at Erodatools is carried out in the form of the electrical discharge machining (EDM) services we provide.

Our precise electrical engineering process is concerned with both spark erosion and wire erosion methods, and is used in a number of sectors, such as mould making, prototype creation and production for parts in the aerospace, nuclear and electronics industries. We have 26 wire and spark erosion machines of varying capacities that are able to work with conductive metals that conventional machining processes cannot, such as carbide and titanium.

All of our work is ISO 9001 2008 accredited to ensure that the maximum level of working practices and safety standards are achieved, and we pride ourselves on delivering accurate work on time and on budget.

For more detailed information on the precision machining work we carry out, take a look at the wire erosion and spark erosion pages, or get in touch with us here at Erodatools.