Welcome to Erodatools Ltd

Erodatools Ltd have been specialists in the field of EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) wire erosion and spark erosion for over 40 years. Our skilled workforce provide services to businesses across the UK and have at their disposal a full range of modern EDM machining complemented by load handling facilities for that extra large or exceptionally heavy workpiece. For more information for large loads or heavy workpieces »

Electric Discharge Machining Service Accurate To Within 3-4 Microns

Well known throughout all areas of industry and ISO 9001 2008 certified, Erodatools Ltd have an impressive record of delivering high quality precision electric discharge machining services and end products within short timescales and within budget. Our satisfied customers come from a wide range of manufacturing and service fields.

Examples include:

  • Aerospace
  • Marine and Automotive
  • Petro-chemicals and Textiles
  • Nuclear Energy Suppliers
  • Surgical and Cutlery
  • Railways
  • Defence and Military
  • Oil & Gas Exploration