Another new machine for Erodatools

Here at Erodatools we are happy to announce that we have expanded our capacity once again with the delivery of yet another die sinking machine – the Neu-ar C800. This takes our total to 24 machines, meaning we can turnaround projects much quicker and provide a more efficient and specialised service to our customers.

As an expanding business, we understand the need to stay on top of demand and as such we are committed to keeping up with our customer’s requirements – whether that means continuing to grow our business in terms of equipment, or adapting our services to provide for more specific needs.


Neu-ar is a Taiwan-based manufacturing company who specialise in the development of state-of-the-art EDM technology. Their sales and service network is renowned for providing high quality products and a beyond satisfactory service, so we’re sure that this new machine will allow us to provide high quality, precision machining for our customers.

The Neu-ar C800

The C800 features axis strokes of 800mm(x) x 600mm (y) and 500mm(z), and can machine pieces up to 2500kg with precision.

The Specifications:

Work tank dimensions 1720 x 1100 x 615 mm
Work table dimensions 1200 x 700 mm
Distance from main axis to table 400 ~ 920 mm
X, Y, Z axis travel 800 x 600 x 500 mm
Z axis auxiliary travel
Max. work piece weight 2500 kg
Max. electrode weight 350 kg
Max. machining speed 1025 mm3/min
Min. wear rate < 0.1 %
Best surface finish < 0.12 μm
Max. output current 120 A
Input power 10.279 kVA
Machine dimensions L x W x H 280 x 260 x 320 cm
Total weight 4800 kg


To find out more about our range of equipment, including the new C800, or to discuss your wire-EDM machining needs with our team, simply give us a call today.