Erodatools are Upgrading

At Erodatools, we are proud of our commitment to continually developing our services for the benefit of our customers. Over the last few years we have invested in new machinery and technology, as well as training for our staff, to ensure we stay one step ahead and able to offer our customers the best possible servcies and products.

In line with this, we are pleased to announce 3 exciting new ventures at Erodatools!

ProgressPlus Upgrade

We have recently upgraded the software we use to ProgressPlus.

ProgressPlus is a specialised production control software that will allow us to better monitor and control all of our manufacturing processes.

It offers us improved handling of orders, materials and equipment, as well as quality assurance, and allows us to keep all this information centralised for quick and easy access. It also means that, for every job we do, we can track and provide progress costings.

All of this means we can offer an enhanced customer service, as we can respond to our clients’ more quickly, effectively and economically.

Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) Funding

As a business, Erodatools are very excited to say that we have qualified for Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) Funding. MAS is a government-backed business growth service that offers support to companies that show a potential for growth and improvement.

With MAS funding, we can build a long-term strategy and continue to invest in improving our manufacturing processes. The aim is that MAS can help us to introduce new products and services for our customers and develop robust supply chains that will ensure we can continue to operate at a level our clients expect.

New Electricity Supply

Currently, the electricity supply for the entire Erodatools site is housed in the ground floor of a residential property next door to our premises. This has been sufficient to meet the needs of our business in the past, but now proves to be inadequate. The equipment is outdated and could cause power failures that would affect our production if we didn’t upgrade.

As a result, Northern Power are funding an upgrade of the system, and re-siting their equipment to ensure that we can continue to operate and grow as a business. Whilst this is underway, we’ve also taken the opportunity to have our own electricity supply improved, future-proofing it for future expansion and ensuring that we can continue to provide a reliable service to our customers.

If you would like to find out more about how our upgrades could benefit you, or to speak to a member of our team about our services, simply get in touch.