Company Updates – November

It’s been a busy few weeks here at Erodatools HQ, with steps taken to both improve our facilities and increase our working capabilities.

Agiecut 100D

First of all, we are delighted to have taken delivery of a Agiecut 100D wire cutting machine, replacing our old one and bringing our wire erosion capacity back up to 8 machines. Not only does this allow us to increase the speed at which we can operate, it is also a great addition to our range, maintaining our ability to provide precise, accurate and high quality wire erosion cutting. See below for the technical specifications.


Facility Improvements

It’s not just our machinery that we have been paying attention to: the facilities at Erodatools have been shown some attention this month, too.

Our car park has recently been resurfaced, increasing the parking capacity and getting rid of the potholed area. Not only does this provide a smoother surface for our customers, it also makes clearing snow away much easier, allowing us to keep working through the colder months – something that could be particularly important this year with the winter forecasts not looking too friendly at the moment!

Along with the work on the car park, foundations have also been laid for a small extension to the Erodatools building. With construction well underway, we hope to increase the area available for receiving and releasing projects we undertake for our clients, as well as giving us more secure storage space to elevate our capabilities further.

For more information about our wire erosion, spark erosion and electrical discharge machining work, get in touch with the team at Erodatools today.

Agiecut 100D Technical data

Working table:                                                    560 x 445 mm

Max. dimensions of work piece:                      810 x 580 x 250 mm

Table load max:                                                  100 kg

Longitudinal traverse (X-axis):                        300 mm

Cross traverse (Y-axis):                                    200 mm

Diameter of electrode wire:                             from 0.1 mm  up to 0.30 mm

Cutting Tolerance:                                             3 microns to 40 microns

Surface Finish:                                                   0.4 microns to 1.8 microns

Total power required:                                       10 kVA

Weight total installation approx.                    2910 kg

Overall dimensions machine:                          1700 x 1550 x 2130 mm


Various accessories: Automatic wire treading, Cooling unit, Electronic hand held remote control